Includes all furniture and accessories to give your property the complete home ambience for a six week period.


• Onsite Consultation 

• Entrance

• Living Room 

• Dining Room 

• Kitchen

• Bathrooms

• Hallways

• 3 Bedrooms

The price includes delivery, setup, pickup and insurance. If furniture is required after the initial six week period, hirage is on a week to week basis.

Extra rooms are $230.00 per 6 weeks.


The perfect solution for houses only requiring a few key pieces or just a couple of rooms to be transformed. Use our 6 week custom package costing $862.50 for 10 items installed. Extra items are charged at $69 each for the 6 weeks.

For example:

Dining Table and 6 Chairs
3 items

Queen Bed, Linen and two Bedside Tables
3 items

Two Couches, Coffee Table and Rug
4 items

Term: 6 weeks (Minimum 10 Items)


Assessment of your property.

We recognise that occupied homes on the market can also require the House Couture touch. We work directly with you, the home owner to present your interiors to achieve the maximum impact to potential buyers.  

We work with your own furniture and accessories to maximise your homes saleability. It may require hiring a painting or coffee table. Whatever your needs are, we can help you. The result is that the buyers coming to your open home will be immediately impressed.


Prices are GST inclusive.